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chatsbots launched on Messenger since April 2016

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most downloaded applications are instant messaging applications

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of people think that chatbots will make their lives easier

Within the next 5 years, 0% of apps will be replaced by chatbots.

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Mr Bot adapts itself to your business, your objectives & issues

Make yourself heard!

Let's build together the chatbot that your community needs

Has your reach sorely decreased in the last few months on Facebook? « Do not worry », you are not the only one! Indeed, Facebook has updated their algorithms to highlight our family and friends contents at the expense of brands and companies.

So your statistics are affected! Your posts are less visible by your community. However Facebook has not given up on brands yet. Thus, the chatbots are your new supporters.

With Chatbots, you can reverse the current trend!
Take charge and communicate directly with your community. You can create a true proximity with your audience. Introduce some innovative contents to your community : News, contests, surveys... your imagination is the only limit!

Offering a bot to your community, it is...

  • Knowing your audience better
  • Offering a visibility to your partners
  • Confirming your presence on social networks
  • Introducing an innovative & personlized channel
  • Being closer to your community
  • Making yourself stand out
  • And especially : Go viral!

As you can see, 2018 will, without doubt, be the year of bot development. So, to talk about your project...

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Take a step towards your citizens

Save time and create proximity with your users

Today, your counters are crammed by small value demandes from your collaborators (information questions, opening hours, contact information and more).

All those demands can be can be automated to help your collaborators to concentrate on complex demands and real values.

Offering a bot to your customers is...

  • Being closer to your people
  • Introducing a valuable & innovative service
  • Easing the access to the information of your city : civil registrations & procedures, incidents reports, opening hours & contact desks, organization charts, school diners, associations etc.
  • Getting a new communication channel to create personalized contact with your users
  • Getting to know your users better

Would you like to see a chatbot demo for your city?

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An innovative & personalized solution

The digitalization of the wellbeing sector has started!

More than 160 000 mobile health apps are on the market offering a wide range of support to users! But only some of them are really downloaded.

Chatbots are positioned as innovative solutions to resolve user pathway issues (downloading or updates, account creation...). You can create a real users or patient centric approach and assess their needs.

Now, you could...

  • Advise and understand your users
  • Animate your community and get their feedback instantly
  • Deliver first-hand information (therapeutic education, medical dosage, adverse effects)
  • Give personalized coaching

All your data is secure and hosted in France. We have the possibilty to work with partners complying with all relevant European and French regulations.

Build the future with Mr Bot! Talk with us about your project :

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Let's build your tailor-made your chatbot together !

We will support you each step of the way

Since a few months, chatbots have been on everybody's lips.No sector is spared : HR, bank / insurance, tourism, business, real estate, hospitality, energy, entertainment, sport, art and more!

There are already plenty of uses, whatever your goals (marketing, cost saving, business...), chatbots will be your best friends to reach your objective.

Offering a bot to your clients or collaborators is...

  • Being closer to them
  • Building an innovative & instant communication channel
  • Strenghtening your presence on social networks
  • Helping your product, your company, your brand or event to go viral
  • Being THE reference on your market

Do not wait any longer to talk about your project and build your chatbot, that can help you to reach your objective!

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Do not hesitate any more, choose Mr Bot!

Mr Bot is unique. Really unique.

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Manage your data

We hold 100% of the know-how. No data transmitted to a third party. Hosting is guaranteed in France

At the fore-front!

To maintain our technological edge, Mr Bot is subject of a patent

No unpleasant surprises on delivery

The success of your chatbot will not cost you : we do not charge you anything by request

Rich customer experience

We are convinced that the quality of a chatbot is first and foremost the result of a fruitful client experience

Customized solution

Your chatbot & dashboard are personalized and fit with your business and needs

1st really social bot

Thanks to our partnership with Simplon, our bots are developed by people who are unemployed

Manage your chatbot : It's a piece of cake!

With an intuitive interface, ergononomic & responsive, Dashbot, helps you to manage your chatbot on Mr Bot easily

Follow & Resume conversations

Personalized marketing indicators

Learning tool

Dashbot Mr Bot BackOffice

Marketing campaigns

Monitor customer satisfaction

Client files

A full service solution!

Do not be afraid to get started : we take care of everything!

More than a regular chatbot development agency, Mr Bot works with you on each step of the design of your chatbot, from the idea to your customers' follow-up.
As soon as the project is launched, you will be supported by our chatbot designer team to build together the scope and the features of your chatbot.
In order to initiate this new channel of communication, our team will develop, in few days, a first version of your chatbot. With Mr Bot, you will be involved at the core of the project and be an active actor.
Beta testing meetings can be organized to pre-launch the product or creative sessions with your clients can be scheduled to validate & consolidate your chatbot, this is part of our services.

Our objective : your satisfaction. And the happiness of your futur users!

1. Advice & Design for your customized chatbot

Our bot designer team will help you to build your chatbot to offer the best experience to your customers

2. Integration & Development

We work hand in hand with Simplon's trainees to create a chatbot adapted to your universe

3. Follow-up & Optimization of your client's data from the bot

We personalize your back-office for a rapid integration to your process & tools

4. Hosting & maintenance

With Mr Bot, you are deciding : the chatbot can be hosting by us or on your own IT system

We people. We bots.

Mr Bot, the really social chatbot!

By choosing Mr Bot, you are supporting the reintegration of unemployed people

Behind Mr Bot, you will find a team of technology enthusiasts. We would like to spread it and especially make it accessible for everyone. That is why we created a unique partnership with Simplon, flagship of the social and solidarity economy.
Simplon is a network of schools, which offer free training courses to become a software developer. The courses are for unemployed people : from popular neighborhoods and rural areas, young, with few or no qualifactions, long-term job seekers, seniors, people with disabilities or other.

Logo Simplon

Through this partnership, we are committed to involve trainees on the development of your chatbot, from one of the 31 schools of Simplon's network across the country.
We are training the Simploniens in advanced technologies : artificial intelligence, understanding of the natural language, programming languages, web & mobile development.
By sharing these valuable skills, required on the job market, we are participating in their professional retingration.

Have you ever dreamed of a social, ethical, united and local chatbot? Mr Bot did it!

Mr Bot by our CEO

Romain Bouiller

Romain BOUILLER Fondateur Mr Bot

A team passionate of technology in the service of customer relations

Mr Bot has already a long story behind it!
We did one year of research and development to build our solution.
After thousand of Lines of code and a patent bending (to protect our unique technology) we met Simplon along the way.
Because of its social commitment, we wanted Mr Bot to be highly different from others chatbots!

Today, we are proud to introduce you the first chatbot that provides employment! Know that, by developing your chatbot, we are supporting reintegration of unemployed people, a real victory, and everything is possible thanks to you!

You share the same DNA and you would like to develop your customer proximity or citizen?
Feel free to contact us and be part of Mr Bot success story!

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